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The Spanish Federation of Biotechnologists (FEBiotec), was founded on July 10th, 2008 with the aim of providing a new common framework of action for various biotech associations operating locally throughout Spain. It thus intends to represent them as a unit before administrations, institutions, companies and society in general.

At the same time, this Federation would promote the work of each association, which focuses mainly on two key points:

  • Several activities aimed at the dissemination of biotechnology both as a science degree and an area of high economic and social impact.
  • The promotion and defense of the figure of a graduate in Biotechnology as a qualified professional and specialize in this area.
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FEBiotec Divulga


  • BAC 2017
    BAC 2017- El XI congreso de la Federación Española de Biotecnólgoos tendrá lugar este año en León.
  • BAC 2016
    BAC 2016 - X Congreso de FEBiotec tendrá lugar en Gijón del 13 al 15 de julio y contará con la participación de Marc Van Montagu, Ian Goodfellow,y Amparo Querol, entre otros.
  • 2014, Biotechnology Year
    FEBiotec has promoted the declaration of 2014 as Spanish Biotechnology Year
  • FEBiotec Divulga
    FEBiotec lanza el proyecto más ambicioso de divulgación de la Biotecnología en España
  • Learning Biotech
    International training initiative specialized in Biotechnology
  • Professional Counseling
    FEBiotec Counseling Commisssion consists of prestigious professionals from the spheres of research, industry and entrepreneurship.
  • FEBiotec's Publications
    FEBiotec publishes periodically informative newsletters and books, derived of its main projects

BAC 2016

Biotech Lifelong Learning Network