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FEBiotec holds two collaboration agreements, one signed with the company specialized in the popularization of science DanaGen-BioTed and the other one signed with the biotechnological company Amgen. Through these agreements, Danagen-Bioted and Amgen become benefactors of FEBiotec, contributing to our growth and development, and also participating actively in our projects and activities.


Amgen Spain



Products for research in life sciences

Educational science popularization kits

Executive Board

  • Chairwoman:
    Ms. Imma Prats Morilla
  • Vice-Chairman:
    Mr. David Bañas Conejero
  • Secretary:
    Mr. Alberto Sevillano Zorita
  • Treasurer:
    Mr. Pablo Ortiz Navarro
  • Members
    Ms. África Millán Úcles
    Mr. Alejandro Asensio Calavia
    Mr. Álvaro Montiel Jorda
    Ms. Carme Pons Royo
    Mr. Enrique Granda Ayuso
    Mr. Luis López Navas
    Mr. Miguel Morard Pedrouzo