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Objectives and Regulations

FEBiotec is an entity created by and for the Biotechnologist, who knows that Biotechnology is a profession clearly differentiated by other related professions and who fights for the recognition of it. However, far from limiting us in the advocacy of our profession, FEBiotec seek to offer affordable and high-quality formation, promoting the creation of synergies between professionals and divulgation in science in general and particularly in Biotechnology in the Spanish society.

Our main objectives with the Federation are:


  • Represent the biotechnologists from all Spain in front of administrations, institutions, businesses and society in general.
  • Defend the prestige and prerogatives of the profession of Biotechnologist and the access with equal opportunities to jobs, either in the public sector or the private one.
  • Promote the creation of an Official Association of Biotechnologists.
  • Strengthen the investigation and the innovation in Biotechnology.
  • Foster the establishment of businesses in the biotechnology sector.
  • Encourage the creation of professional network for exchanging ideas and establishing collaborations.
  • Guide about ethical doubts which could arise due to the application of the Biotechnology.


The Statutes of the Spanish Federation of Biotechnologists are the documents that regulate the internal arranging of FEBiotec, establishing the aims and purposes of the Federation, as well as its internal and external organization, pursuing at all time the principles of equality and democracy. The content of the Statutes are accessible for all the members and people interested in knowing our internal arranging, and it could be consulted on this link.

The rest of internal organizational provisions which are not established in the statutes, e.g. the electoral regulation and the procedure whereby a legal or physical person could become a member in the Federation, are reflected in the Regulation of Internal Regimen of FEBiotec, which can be consulted here.

Executive Board

  • Chairwoman: 
    Ms. Imma Prats Morilla
  • Vice-Chairman:
    Mr. David Bañas Conejero
  • Secretary:
    Mr. Alberto Sevillano Zorita
  • Treasurer:
    Mr. Pablo Ortiz Navarro
  • Members
    Ms. África Millán Úcles
    Mr. Alejandro Asensio Calavia
    Mr. Álvaro Montiel Jorda
    Ms. Carme Pons Royo
    Mr. Enrique Granda Ayuso
    Mr. Luis López Navas
    Mr. Miguel Morard Pedrouzo