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Task groups

FEBiotec daily management is organized by Task Groups, which are responsible for the organization of projects, in coordination with the Executive Board. Currently, FEBiotec has 9 task groups, which are listed below, along with their group leaders. All contributions are welcome, so if you are interested in helping or just want to know more about the project , feel free to write to the responsible.



    This task group group is responsible for the organization of the Biotech Annual Congress 2016 , which will be held in Gijón in July 2016. Wait for more information on the congress.


    This task group is responsible for the organization of FEBiotec Divulga , a macroproject of biotechnology popularization. The project is divided in the subprojects "Biotechnofarm: sowing the future biotechnologists", "Emprendevirus: injecting the entrepreneurial gene”, "BioDocentia: Update course in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology “and the e-learning platform in biotechnology, Symbiotica.

    This project is sponsored by the Amgen Foundation and the King Baudouin Foundation United States . You can find more information on the project website.


    This task group is responsible for managing the FEBiotec Jobseeking Platform, managing users, coordinating the work with FEBiotec Institutional Members and uploading job offers .


    This task group is responsible for maintaining, together with the National Italian Association of Biotechnologists the Biotech Lifelong Learning Network and coordinating the organization of courses by FEBiotec Institutional Members. .


    This task group is responsible for coordinating the Counselling Commission. This Commission, composed by students, researchers, entrepreneurs and other professionals, has as main objective to help people of the biotechnology sector with doubts about how to orient their career. You can find moe information about the Commission here.

  • PROFESSIONALIZATION (Alejandro Asensio):

    This task group is responsible for investigating and assuring the recognition of Biotechnology as a profession and degree, contacting the relevant authorities in case professionals of Biotechnology might be in a situation of disadvante in employment calls of any type.

  • INTERNATIONALIZATION (Carme PonsÁlvaro Montiel) :

    This task group is responsible for relations with organizations at international level, especially with the Young European Biotech Network, of which FEBiotec is an Institutional Member.


    This task group is responsible for ensuring the financial sustainability of the projects of the Federation by finding sponsors and the establishment of agreements with collaborating organizations. You can view the list of sponsors of FEBiotec here and the list of agreements with entities here

  • COMMUNICATION (Enrique Granda):

    This task group is responsible for the communication of the activities of FEBiotec and its Institutional Members, through media, online social networks ( FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn) and FEBiotec official website, as well as coordinating internal communication with FEBiotec members. It also coordinates the work of the Federation in the official blog.
  • IT  (Luis López):

    Responsible for maintaining the web and provider of computer support to the federation.
  • SCIENTIFIC ACTIVISM (Miguel Morard):

    Charged with finding and dealing with the various problems associated with biotechnology that FEBiotec thinks that they need to take a cope.

Executive Board

  • Chairwoman: 
    Ms. Imma Prats Morilla
  • Vice-Chairman:
    Mr. David Bañas Conejero
  • Secretary:
    Mr. Alberto Sevillano Zorita
  • Treasurer:
    Mr. Pablo Ortiz Navarro
  • Members
    Ms. África Millán Úcles
    Mr. Alejandro Asensio Calavia
    Mr. Álvaro Montiel Jorda
    Ms. Carme Pons Royo
    Mr. Enrique Granda Ayuso
    Mr. Luis López Navas
    Mr. Miguel Morard Pedrouzo