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Institutional Members

Currently, FEBiotec is composed of eight Biotechnology Associations all over the national territory.

Logo ABSal

Biotechnology Association of Salamanca

The goal of its creation is to inform of the biotechnological hot news and provide an interface between all the graduates in Biotechnology of the region.

Logo AsBAn

Biotechnologists Association of Andalusia

AsBAn is an association whose main aim is to spread what biotechnology is and what role Biotechnology has in our society. We hope to achieve several goals both within and outside the university. These challenges  could be faced thanks to a system of cooperative and organizational work.

Logo AsBAs

Biotechnologists Association of Asturias

It focused its activity on promoting and spreading Biotechnology in the setting of the Principality of Asturias, helping the students and professionals of this sector in this community.


Biotechnologists Association of Catalonia

The Biotechnologists Association of Catalonia (ASBTEC) is a non-profit private-law entity composed by young researchers, students and professionals interested in fostering Biotechnology.

Logo ABiVa

Biotechnologists Association of the Valencian Community

The Biotechnologists Association of the Valencian Community (ABiVa) gathers students and Biotechnology professionals in the Valencian Community. Since its founding, ABiVa has organized activities by and for biotechnologists, such as congresses and conferences, being also a meeting point between biotechnology and society through activities and courses of scientific divulgation.

Biotechnologists Association of LeónLogo ABLE

Currently, ABLE is a non-profit association whose aim is to gather people related with the biotechnology field and develop activities of this area.

Logo AsBioMad

Biotechnologists Association of Madrid

The Biotechnologists Association of Madrid (AsBioMad) was created with the aim of promoting Biotechnology in the Community of Madrid, supporting students and professionals of this field and being a meeting point between both of them.

Logo BiotecMur

Biotechnologists Association of the Region of Murcia

The Biotechnologists Association of the Region of Murcia encompasses and represents the Biotechnologists of profession and education of the Region of Murcia and anyone else who belongs to the Biotechnological field.

Executive Board

  • Chairwoman: 
    Ms. Imma Prats Morilla
  • Vice-Chairman:
    Mr. David Bañas Conejero
  • Secretary:
    Mr. Alberto Sevillano Zorita
  • Treasurer:
    Mr. Pablo Ortiz Navarro
  • Members
    Ms. África Millán Úcles
    Mr. Alejandro Asensio Calavia
    Mr. Álvaro Montiel Jorda
    Ms. Carme Pons Royo
    Mr. Enrique Granda Ayuso
    Mr. Luis López Navas
    Mr. Miguel Morard Pedrouzo