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FEBiotec Divulga

The most important Biotechnology popularization program in Spain

The Spanish Federation of Biotechnology organizes FEBiotec Divulga (FEBiotec Disseminates), a Biotechnology popularization project aimed at teachers and students of high school in Spain. The initiative is made possible by the financial support of the Amgen Foundation and the King Baudouin Foundation United States.

FEBiotec Divulga was created with the objective of uniting three informative and educational programs of the Federation: Biotechnofarm, Emprendevirus and BioDocentia. The purpose of these courses is to introduce the biotechnology sector between different audiences of different ages. The program was carried during the school year 2012/2013 in 11 provinces of Spain and Biotechnology has brought more than 3,000 secondary and high school students.

The program Biotechnofarm: sowing the future biotechnologists, is an educational project that aims to encourage scientific vocations and knowledge of biotechnology in young people between 16 and 17 years.

Another program included under FEBiotec Divulga is Human Emprendevirus: injecting the entrepreneurial gene, with a more professional purpose. The objective of the course is to awaken the spirit of entrepreneurship among young Spanish people, as it is understood that the entrepreneur is able to create quality jobs and promote high value-added activities.

The third of the activities is BioDocentia, an update course in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology aimed at science teachers of secondary school, since the number of advances in these areas in the last decade may have caused that  educators need to clarify and learn new scientifical concepts.

"This program will help develop the interest of young people for the world of biotechnology," said Arturo Blázquez at the launch of this program, then President of FEBiotec. "Our goal is to educate future generations of scientists. In this sense, "education in Biotechnology is essential because of its importance both in science and in our daily lives", he said. Wandeler Roland, General Manager of Amgen Iberia said he was "very proud" that the Amgen Foundation supports this program. "FEBiotec Divulga educates teachers and young people that can become scientists in the future to enable them to conduct research with passion, improving the health of many people".

Amgen Foundation

The Amgen Foundation, funder of the program FEBiotec Divulga, seeks progress in science education, improve patient access to quality care, and strengthen the communities where employees live and work Amgen. Since 1991, the Foundation has donated nearly $ 200 million in grants to organizations throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Europe that impact society in an innovative way and in some cases provide disaster relief both nationally and internationally.

For more information on the initiative, see the website of FEBiotec Divulga:

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