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Professional Counseling

A group of experts for career guidance

Due to the wide range of possible career opportunities included in the exercise of biotechnology, and its importance as a complex and constantly industrial evolving, it is essential the existence of tools for the academic and vocational counseling.

For this reason, in order to provide professional advice to biotechnologists in Spain, the Spanish Federation of Biotechnologists has a Counseling Commission , composed of students, researchers, entrepreneurs and other professionals from around the world, with the aim of guiding people of the biotechnology sector with doubts about how to orient their career. With the generous cooperation of prestigious professionals such as Manuel Pérez-Alonso, entrepreneur and President of Bioval, Jaime Prohens, Director of COMAV or Rafael Camacho, former director of Genome Spain, among many, to answer questions about the degrees in Biotechnology, Ph.D. in Spain and abroad, biotech companies or bioentrepreneurship.

To contact the Counseling Commission, please send your professional doubts to the address and from FEBiotec we will put you in contact with a member of the committee with the relevant expertise. Thus the Federation continues to innovate to suit the needs of biotechnologists, hoping to guide the future researchers, entrepreneurs and professionals in Biotechnology.

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