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The registration for Biotech Annual Congress in Barcelona will begin on 1st April

del 2014-03-26

The Biotech Annual Congress will take place from 9 to 11 July [Read more]

Salamanca becomes the protagonist in the Year of Biotechnology in Spain

del 2014-03-22

The city of Tormes, venue of some of the centers most renowned of Biotechnology and Biomedicine, celebrates in 2014 its III Week of Biotechnology. [Read more]

The second meeting of III Conference ConCiencia will cover the controversial field of transgenics

del 2014-03-20

Next Friday 21th of March will take place the second conference of III Conference ConCiencia in the Museum of León. [Read more]

The III Conference ConCiencia will allow the approach of biotechnology to Leoneses

del 2014-03-12

The III Conference ConCiencia will take place in León during Fridays from 14th March to 11h April. [Read more]

The Researcher María Blasco will inaugurate the Biotech Annual Congress 2014 in Barcelona

del 2014-03-09

BAC2014 will be inaugurated by Dra. María Blasco and will be attended by Dr. Werner Arber and Dr. Jean Weissenbach. [Read more]

FEBiotec signs an agreement with Kinrel to expand its services to entrepreneurs

del 2014-03-06

Kinrel signs an agreement with FEBiotec to help monitoring biosanitary projects [Read more]

Representatives of Biotechnology from all over Spain gather in Oviedo to deal the goals of the Year of Biotechnology

del 2014-03-03

The V Meeting of Associations and Individual Members of FEBiotec (ReAMi) will take place on March 7th and 8th. [Read more]

AsBioMad organizes a course to promote the application of research results

del 2014-03-05

The course, framed within the international training programme Biotech Lifelong Learning Network, will take place in Madrid, on 24th-25th April [Read more]