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An international course will analyze the techniques of cell biology in animal experimentation

del 2013-01-23

The course has been organized by the Biotechnologists Association of León (ABLE), in collaboration with the Neurobiology Group of the León University and Nottingham Trent University [Read more]

FEBiotec signs an agreement with INBIOTEC with discounts in education

del 2014-01-21

FEBiotec members will enjoy a 10% discount on courses, such as the Diploma on Basics and Industrial Applications of Biotechnology [Read more]

FEBiotec invites you to FARMAFORUM

del 2014-01-21

FEBiotec member can enjoy a 10% discount for this Forum of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, cosmetics and laboratory technology indutries [Read more]

The second edition of FEBiotec Divulga begins

del 2014-01-09

Its main objective is to introduce Biotechnology to Spanish society during 2014, Year of Biotechnology in Spain [Read more]

The Spanish Parliament approves 2014 as the Spanish Year of Biotechnology

del 2013-01-02

The commemoration was proposed by FEBiotec, with the support of ASEBIO (Spanish Association of Biotech Industries), SEBiot (Spanish Society of Biotechnology) and SEM (Spanish Society of Microbiology) [Read more]

TEI Bio Madrid, the meeting of the bioentrepreneurs, debuted in the hand of David Horna

del 2013-11-06

Students of biotechnology, innovation managers, business angels, doctors and PhD students, entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs gathered on October 30 to exchange views, concerns and generate synergies. [Read more]

TEI Bio, the event of bioentrepreneurs, arrives to Madrid

del 2013-10-28

Organized by AsBioMad, FEBiotec, DRO Foundation and ASEBIO, the TEI Bio meetings will gather monthly dozens of entrepreneurs and scientists in the field of biotechnology. [Read more]

A Round Table will analyse the role of Biotechnology in the treatment of rare diseases

del 2013-10-21

Once again this year, AsBioMad, with the collaboration of FEBiotec and Kinrel, participates in the Madrid Science Week, with the organization of a round table which will discuss the role of biotechnology in research on rare diseases. [Read more]