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TEI Bio, the event of bioentrepreneurs, arrives to Madrid

del 2013-10-28

Organized by AsBioMad, FEBiotec, DRO Foundation and ASEBIO, the TEI Bio meetings will gather monthly dozens of entrepreneurs and scientists in the field of biotechnology. [Read more]

A Round Table will analyse the role of Biotechnology in the treatment of rare diseases

del 2013-10-21

Once again this year, AsBioMad, with the collaboration of FEBiotec and Kinrel, participates in the Madrid Science Week, with the organization of a round table which will discuss the role of biotechnology in research on rare diseases. [Read more]

FEBiotec supports the Day of Mourning for Spanish Science

del 2013-10-17

The Spanish Federation of Biotechnologists joins the concern about the Spanish R&D Budget 2014, and encourages its members to participate in the organized demonstrations [Read more]

The Biotechnology Week shows the magic of science to Salamanca society

del 2013-10-15

The Biotechnology Association of Salamanca holds this October the Spanish Second Week of Biotechnology, a scientist macroevent which will bring science and biotechnology to all attendants. [Read more]

FEBiotec attends Innovation Days 2013

del 2013-10-14

A delegation of FEBiotec and AsBioMad members attended in Paris the Innovation Days 2013, with the goal of finding new collaborations for the Federation. [Read more]

FEBiotec signs an agreement with ARPA Abogados Consultores to offer better services to entrepreneurs

del 2013-10-10

This agreement will provide FEBiotec members a 10% discount on legal advice and consulting for Entrepreneurship and Biotechnology Law [Read more]

A free visit in Madrid will commemorate the European Biotech Week

del 2013-10-02

The Biotechnologists Association of Madrid (AsBioMad) organizes a visit to the R&D Technological Centre of Repsol on the 3rd October, within the European Biotech Week. [Read more]

The ARPA Bioentrepeneurship course will be extended to Murcia

del 2013-09-17

Given the great interest generated by the course in Lleida, FEBiotec and Biotechnologists Association of the Region of Murcia organize the conference in Murcia, in collaboration with the ARPA Foundation and the CEEIM [Read more]