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Biotechnofarm project 2009

BIOTECHNOFARM: Sowing the biotechnologists of the future.

About us

This project is organized by the Spanish Federation of Biotechnology (FEBiotec). Within the aims of our Federation is the dissemination of the exercise of biotechnologists. For this reason, we try to organize events to publicize the figure of biotechnology in society, and create a scientific culture of quality in the population.

What is the Project?

We will develop biotechnology workshops aimed at undergraduate students of ESO and Bachillerato. With them will be displayed in a participatory and entertaining how biotechnology is part of our lives and help to understand that knowledge in this area is a very valuable contribution to society.

But this will be a long, boring lecture, no. Our philosophy is to teach to learn while learning to teach: the kids will be responsible for conducting the experiments and teach their own peers. Everything would be under the constant supervision of professionals in this field.

How do you develop?

The workshops are basically divided into two sessions in schools and a training session for selected students. The procedure is explained below and order coincides with the actual timing of the activity:


In this session, the manager will show attendees what biotechnology is, its use from ancient times to modern biotechnology call and explain the work of a biotechnologist.

This is to create the basis for that they themselves can provide a letter of motivation (a folio approximately), in which they pose a sentence like this: "" What problem do you think of today's world that biotechnology could solve ? The same could be you who made it, why not join the workshop? ". Students must write and send the letter of motivation, which will be corrected and punctuated by our caregivers. Among the letters received will select 1 or 2 students who will have to attend a training session at the University and that they will be a Certificate of participation and achievement. It is the duty of the teacher stress the importance of the participation of all students in such activity.


Students selected called student-seed will have the option to do a workshop at the University Pablo de Olavide and Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, depending on the province where they are. The workshop will immerse themselves in a real laboratory, and develop practice within a much smaller group to have more contact with the material.

Taking advantage of this visit, he will explain what it is for the basic equipment of a laboratory with an accessible at all times and be guided in preparing the debate that should prevail in the second session of the centers, explaining the points to be treated, where to find information, etc.. Emphasizes the aspect that will be attended at all times by our officers, so they can communicate with them via email and ask or request additional information.


The second session will take place again at each center. Students viewed a presentation that will be assessed the application letters, always focused in a positive way and making general criticisms and constructive. We will speak and will present photos of the course of the student-seed so everyone can see the day. Also explained in a very basic and brief experiments and emphasis will be placed on teamwork by highlighting the role of each of its members for proper execution. Last but not least, will emphasize basic safety standards in a laboratory.

Students-seed shall be responsible to explain to colleagues what these workshops and how to develop, although at all times be assisted by our staff.

After conducting experiments, will be held the round table. Our manager will open and guide the discussion, but students must be-seed, along with their peers, that give form and content. After the activity, both the students and the teacher responsible and the head teacher should complete a questionnaire that will be available on the web, and send to our mail.

Information centers: what date should I consider?

14 September: Registration Center. The instructions are available on the web.

25 September: Closing date for registration.

30 September: Resolution of the selected schools and alternates.

Early October: Call centers to arrange dates.

5-14 October: First session in schools.

31 October: Workshop students-seed in Seville.

November 7: Workshop students-seed in Valencia

November and December: Second meeting in schools.

For more information about the project Biotechnofarm please consult the official website:

Proyecto BiotechnofarmProyecto BiotechnofarmProyecto BiotechnofarmProyecto Biotechnofarm
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