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Segundas Jornadas Formativas y de información para biotecnologos

Bellaterra, Catalonia. Young scientists and students will attend the session’s second edition, organized by ASBTEC (Catalonia’s Biotechnologists’ Association). This event will take place at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) on March the 12th and the 13th, 2011.

These sessions offer a place to exchange ideas about biotechnology’s studies (bachelors and master degrees) and a source of information about the various biotechnological careers available in our crisis-ridden context.

Because of this, the sessions will focus on education (studies about the new bachelor’s structure, roundtables with experts in biotechnology, pre-doctoral scholarships programs). The sessions will also focus on the importance of soft skills development, which is usually absent from traditional educational contexts but needed to enter the professional world. This information will be given by a group of experts in the field who will also facilitate tools and resources to tackle the job market as successfully as possible.

The sessions will also feature various topics related to public and private research, where new ideas to build synergies between these two sectors will be brought forward. Other featured concepts will be the scientific-technological helix (University-Government-Companies), R+D+i, and the optimal way in which to proceed (as young professionals and students) considering our society’s biotechnological context.

Finally, the sessions will feature bioentrepreneurship as a valuable tool to develop our country’s private sector. Our aim is to motivate those scientists with good ideas or projects to create their own spin-offs.

There will also be various workshops covering scientific communication, personal skills development and visits to research centres.

After JBC’s successful first edition in Tarragona, where young biotechnologists and students from various Catalan universities joined in workshops and roundtables, ASBTEC will host the second edition at UAB, the university that promoted biotechnology as a bachelor in Spain.

The hosting entity is Catalonia’s Biotechnologists’ Association (ASBTEC), with headquarters at UAB and delegates at various Catalan universities. ASBTEC organizes promotional and educational events, always related to biotechnology. An example of our activities is the Second Congress of Biotechnology and Business (ByE2), held on October 2010.


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